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It takes a deep dive to understand an exciting career journey that has put me in history classrooms, leading Learning & Development Centers in Higher Ed, designing and instructing dynamic visual programs for countless marching arts programs, successfully launching a collegiate Performing Arts Program from scratch, coordinating Covid-19 Training for Healthcare workers on the front line of testing, leading at-risk students to a 90% graduation  rate as principal of an alternative school, ensuring visual standards were maintained as a manager in a Fortune 500 retail establishment, and guiding the marketing and branding efforts of a professional association as a executive board member, while participating in the creation of a private online college tutor training program - 

All while maintaining my love for learning, performing arts, family, and basset hounds. 

Dive-in. Learn more about me. Most importantly, if you have questions - let's chat!




Benefits to the employer

Bill brings to any employer over 20 years of General, Operations and Program Management experience primarily in the Education industry.  Dedicated, with a solid work ethic, Bill adapts to what’s needed, unafraid to take on tasks big and small, complex and menial with the interest of solving problems through a systems-concentric approach.

Leadership style

Bill utilizes a Transformational Leadership style listening to the suggestions of the team but reserving the right to make the final decision.  He provides assignments of increased responsibility along with opportunities for additional training and performance incentives that encourage a sense of ownership of the overall operation.

known for

Providing inspiration to each and every task. Bill draws from his Performing Arts, Education, Marketing, and Management toolbox, to deliver packaged information to both large and small groups in such a way as it becomes digestible.  Quality and results oriented, Bill, enjoys watching the programs he initiates and refines have a positive effect on teams and individuals.

Favorite saying

Do Something - In the face of good, bad, hard, easy, confusing…whatever.  It is better to do something than to let something remain.  Don’t fear the imperfect solution and don’t let Good be the enemy of Great!

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