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We've Tried to make things


From multiple payment methods to a homegrown app for mobile devices, we've tried to make things as convenient as possible - perhaps we succeeded? Hopefully...:) 

...just in case we did (or, didn't), there's a feedback form to share your thoughts!


Credit Card, Apple Pay, Carrier Pigeon.

Pay right from your invoice or click the button to the left and see what possibilities exist.

R U Mobile? 

It's not an "app" "app" - but, it's an app. 

Got it? 

Just point your camera or QR reader at the image to the right, and maybe it'll make more sense. 

qr-code-230984418943163 (1).png

Did I succeed? Are there parts of the process that could be better? Don't like my jokes? 

Here's your opportunity. Click the Link on the left - I'll read them all, and share the ones I like. 

(JK - I make jokes when I'm nervous)

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